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Localization Process

Snap Hutao Project features were originally based on the China server, but we are also trying to expand the coverage globally through the support of the MiHoYo global gaming server & software localization.Currently, our localization process includes:

  • Snap Hutao
  • Snap Hutao Docs

Engage our Localization

  • Snap Hutao
    • We created an issue thread named [Hoyolab] on GitHub: Globalization support Issueopen in new window
      • We will update our process in this thread
      • You can declare your localization engagement in the thread, and we will provide the necessary support
        • We also welcome PR directly
    • You can provide your translation at translate.hut.aoopen in new window
  • Snap Hutao Docs
    • The developer team is maintaining Chinese documents and working on English documents
    • You can clone the docs repositoryopen in new window, translate docs with your favorite tools, and make a Pull Request to contribute your work to the main repository
    • If you are adding a new language, you can copy the entire en folder and rename it with ISO 639-1 language codeopen in new window
      • For example jp as Japanese
      • Do not translate based on Chinese docs (zh) as there are some content only specific useful for Chinese users; they are not useful for international users.