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Support us

Snap Hutao, as an open-source project licensed under the MIT License, is dedicated to creating a completely free, ad-free, and privacy-focused program. The members of our development team are currently self-funding the project's operation. We used modern software to reduce our operation costs, with the main expenses being the network system components required by server (you can find our annual expenditure summary below on this page). If you have surplus funds to support Snap Hutao, your generous donation will not only assist the development team but also benefit every Snap Hutao user. Currently, you can donate us in the following ways:


We accept sponsorship with following methods:


We refuse any sponsorship aim to achieve user data

If you are a business entity and would like to support Snap Hutao through your product, please contact us at We will display all sponsors on our home page.

Annual Expense

The following information is derived from the 2023 project expenditure summary of Snap Hutao. The current specific data may differ from that. All expenditure amounts are in Chinese Yuan (CNY), and if the original expenditure currency is not in Chinese Yuan, it is calculated based on the exchange rate on February 22, 2024.

ItemExpense (CNY)
domain service¥512.7
other network services¥129.3