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Hutao Open Platform

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Hutao Open Platform

The Snap Hutao project has received wide supports from the open-source community and users since its inception on GitHub on April 18, 2022. As the project has evolved, we have created a series of supporting services as middleware for Snap Hutao.

Now, the development team is making some of these practical services available to the open-source community in the form of open interfaces, for use by developers who share our vision. We will be writing usage documentation for these interfaces, maintaining the services, and providing answers to frequently asked questions. Whether you are an experienced developer or a beginner, we hope that these interfaces will assist you in creating applications.

Hutao API & Hutao Cloud Open-source Developer's License

Hutao API is an interface service that exposes the Hutao Abyssal Database. Open-source software authors can use the Hutao API to retrieve data from the Hutao database or upload data.

Developers who gain access to the Hutao API also receive full privileges to the Hutao Cloud feature within the Snap Hutao as a benefit.

Developers can apply for access by submitting their information through the Hutao API Open Platform at homa.snapgenshin.comopen in new window

Enka API with China Acceleration

Enka Networkopen in new window is an excellent Genshin Impact tool that provides detailed data on characters in the user's current character showcase. However, due to restricted access to certain network services in China, the stability of Enka Network's functionality in the region is compromised.

To ensure a smooth user experience for Snap Hutao users in China, the development team has utilized Enka Network's data for the development of the My Characters feature and established a proxy server.

Developers can ask for access in Snap Hutao development group chat or discord group from administrator.

UIGF Interchangeable Game Data Format

Snap Hutao aims to enable the free flow of user data among various open-source tools with different features. To facilitate this, Snap Hutao has established the initial version of the Uniformed Interchangeable GachaLog Format Standard (UIGF)open in new window.

Since then, this standard has gained more recognition among developers, leading to the promotion of additional standards. Many developers have now gathered under the UIGF organizationopen in new window. Our goal is to maintain this organization, allowing developers to connect with more users, receive feedback, make technical advancements, and create outstanding open-source Genshin Impact tools.