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User Data and Privacy Notice

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User Data and Privacy Notice

Personal Information

The nature of Snap Hutao project states it does not collect any personal information data.

Regular Data Usage

Snap Hutao respects the privacy of users, and we're currently using data as described below:

  • Once using Snap Hutao, the database file in the data directory

    • Stores
      • MiHoYo BBS and HoYoLab cookie
      • Snap Hutao program settings
      • All other user data
  • When using Snap Hutao, we collect anonymized logs data for development and statistical purposes when program stops unexpectedly or throw an error, including

    • User device ID
    • Error or crash log
    • Active user statistical data
  • When using Hutao Database (Abyss Record/Abyss Stats) feature and select Upload Data

    • Upload data to Hutao API, including
      • User's in-game UID
      • User's Abyss record
      • User's character information including artifact and weapon data
  • After using Real-time Notes features

    • Create a Windows scheduled task to fetch data timely
  • After using server switch feature in Game Laucher, in Snap Hutao's data directory

    • Store game files for server switch usage
  • After using Hutao Account features, Hutao Account system server will

    • Store
      • User registered email address
      • Encrypted password

Trustable Domains

Snap Hutao project is holding the following domains, they are trustable in this project scope, please be wary of information provided by domains outside this list (including websites, emails, etc.)

    • We only use this domain for public email contact
    • We only use this domain for system emails