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Uninstall Snap Hutao

DGP-StudioFAQLess than 1 minute

Uninstall Snap Hutao

  • Clear Real-time Notes Scheduled Task
    • Before version 1.4.15, if not execute this step, scheduled task used to refresh real-time notes may not be deleted,and you may face this issue
      • Method 1 For version <= 1.4.15
        • Launch Snap Hutao, and go to settings page
        • Find Delete All Scheduled Task field, and click on Execute Button Requires administrator privileges
    • Method 2
      • Execute the following PowerShell script
        schtasks /delete /tn SnapHutaoDailyNoteRefreshTask
    • Method 3
      • Open Windows Scheduled Task Manager
      • Find SnapHutaoDailyNoteRefreshTask task and delete it
    • Method 4
      • Upgrade to1.5.1 version and open Real-time Notes
      • Close software and remove it
  • Remove the Software
    • Open Start Menu
    • Find or search Snap Hutao
    • Right click on it, and select Unstall
  • Remove data folder (If you want remove it completely)
    • Open and delete %userprofile%/Documents/Hutao


How to Fully Backup/Recover Client Data

Data Security Warning

Userdata.db contains all client data, including MiHoYO BBS Cookie, please save the data file properly and do NOT share it with anyone.

Copy Userdata.db from Snap Hutao data folder (%userprofile%/Documents/Hutao by default) to your backup location, this file contains entire data of the client.