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Quick Start

DGP-StudioFeatureTutorialAbout 6 min

Quick Start

Follow the quick start instruction on this page, you can set up your Snap Hutao quickly.

Minimum System Requirements

Minimum Required OSWindows 10 Build 19045 (22H2)
Windows 11 Build 22621 (22H2)
Recommended OSWindows 11 Build 22621 (22H2) or later versions
Required ComponentsWindows Update, App Installer
Optional ComponentsWebView2 Runtime

Unsupported OS Versions

  1. LTSC and LTSB versions are using legacy version of MSIX Core, so they are not supported
  2. Windows 10 Build 19041 supports installation, but some feature may have unexpected errors due to Windows kernel issues, so Snap Hutao cannot solve them
  3. Issues happens in Windows Insider preview versions will not be solved

Download Snap Hutao

New Installation

You can use MSIX package or Snap.Hutao.Deployment installer to install Snap Hutao, you can find pakcage from the following source.

If you are interested in making the Snap Hutao project better through your own efforts, consider join us!

Upgrade to the Latest Version from MS Store Versions

Click to Expand

If you installed a Microsoft Store version of Snap Hutao (version 1.4.11 to 1.8.4), you need to uninstall it before the new installation

For details of this change, please refer to Explanation of Breaking Changes in Version 1.9.0

  • Uninstall the old version with our uninstallation instruction document
    • Your data will not lose as long as you don't delete data directory manually
  • Follow the method above to install the new version application

Update Snap Hutao

If no special instruction is given, You can upgrade the program by running Snap.Hutao.Deployment or installing the latest MSIX installation package.

Starting from 1.9.0 version, Snap Hutao has embedded update module to notify the updates. You may try Snap.Hutao.Deployment if you failed the update.

Install Optional Components

With optional components, Snap Hutao can implement some functions more conveniently through the system-level environment. They are not mandatory components, but they can bring a better experience.

WebView2 Runtime

WebView2 Runtime is provided by Microsoft, which enables a built-in browser at a low resource cost inside the program. As an optional component, WebView2 is not a mandatory component, but it will make some Snap Hutao's features easier.

At the bottom of the Microsoft official page, you can find Evergreen Standalone Installer, choose x64 to download and install as prompted

Add First MiHoYo BBS Account

After entering Snap Hutao, click Account Panel in the left-bottom corner between Settings and Document. In the pop-up panel, click the login button right corresponding to your account.

If you are using a China server account, you need login within MiYouShe category; If you are using an oversea account (aka. HoYoLAB/HoYoverse account), you need login within HoYoLAB category.

Whatever account type you have, you have both Web Login and Cookie Login method. For MiYouShe mobile app users with CN server game account, you can also use QR Code Login method.

Web Login

Web Login requires Microsoft WebView2 Runtime component

  1. Click Web Login button in the account panel, Snap Hutao will turn on MiHoYo BBS login page with WebView2
  2. Login to your account in the web page. After successfully login to your account, you will be able to see your account information
  3. Click I'm Logged in button on the right-top, Snap Hutao will add this account to the client, and will display it in the account panel

Now, you have finished your initial set up of Snap Hutao. You are now free to explore this application, you can also find all documents in this website.

Installation FAQ

Mojibake in Snap Hutao Icons

  • If you are using Windows 10 and see some button are not display properly
    • You can download Segoe Fluent Icons font
    • You need to install it for all users
  • You can find this font from Microsoft

Can I Add Missing System Components to Install Snap Hutao

Probably not if you are asking this, because you are not familiar with your system.

You don't know how many components are missing. When you install the one that tell you in the error message, you will see next missing component in the next error message, endless.


The following FAQs only apply to MSIX installations, please try to use Snap.Hutao.Deployment first to resolve your installation issues

My Computer Cannot Open MSIX Format Installer

Your computer is missing the App Installer, an important component of the Windows system.

If Microsoft Store is installed on your system, you can restore this component by reinstalling it from the App Installer Store Page.

If you don’t have Windows Store, please use the latest full version of Microsoft’s official consumer version Windows 10 or Windows 11 mirror. Using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant and Windows 11 Installation Assistant provided by Microsoft can help you simply upgrade to the latest full version of Windows while retaining your data.

Got This app package’s publisher certificate could not be verified Error when Install with MSIX Package

This issue is commonly seen in Home Edition of Windows. If you are not using a Home Edition, your Windows Update module may be disabled or cracked, this cause worldwide CA certificates cannot be updated from Microsoft servers.

Snap Hutao's code signing certificate comes from GlobalSign Code Signing Root R45, you can manually download this CA certificate from GlobalSign official website.

Got Policy check failed Error when Install with MSIX Package

If you are using Windows Home Edition, please try to enable developer mode in your system settings and try the installation again.

Got Error Prompt or Error Code when Install with MSIX Package

0x80040154 Error CodeBroken Windows account permission
The app did not start Error PromptCracked App Installer or broken App Installer permission
0x80073CF0 Error CodeBroken folder permission
0x80070005 Error CodeBroken Windows account permission
0x80070570 Error CodeBroken Windows account permission
0x8007065E Error CodeBroken Windows account permission

If you got any of error showing above, please use the following steps to solve the issue:

  1. Right click on Windows Start button, and select PowerShell (Admin)
  2. In the PowerShell windows, copy and paste the following command and run it (Right-click is paste feature in PowerShell)
    cd $env:USERPROFILE\Downloads; $url=""; $targetFileName="Snap.Hutao.latest.msix"; $targetFilePath=Join-Path -Path $PWD -ChildPath $targetFileName; Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -OutFile $targetFilePath; Add-AppxPackage -Path $targetFilePath; Remove-Item -Path $targetFilePath
  3. If PowerShell does not outcome any error message, then it means installation is successful. Please find Snap Hutao in your Start Menu and enjoy it.