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Contribute Your Code

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Contribute Your Code

Snap Hutao is using C# and .NET Framework to develop both client and server. If you are willing to contribute your code to the project, please read the following guidelines.

You can find all unsolved opened issuesopen in new window on GitHub

Setup Snap.Hutao Project

  1. Download and install Visual Studio 2022 Communityopen in new window
  2. Open Visual Studio Installer to complete Visual Studio installation
    • You need to install .NET desktop development, Desktop development with C++ and Universal Windows Platform development components
  3. Install Single-project MSIX Packaging Tools for VS 2022 provided by Microsoft in Visual Studio marketplace
  4. Use git to clone the project to your local device
  5. Switch git branch to develop
  6. Open project solution with your Visual Studio and then you are ready to go

Enable Debug

  1. Download and install Sysinternals Suite from Microsoft Storeopen in new window or Microsoft websiteopen in new window
  2. Locate and run DebugView program in the installed app list or unzipped folder
  3. Run Snap Hutao client
  4. Check DebugView output

Start Pull Request

  • All code-related changes from authors' own branches are only allowed be merged to develop branch
  • Please use keywordsopen in new window to link your PR or commits with issues, so issues can be automatically closed once commits are merged into main branch.

Test Binary Package

Once the code in updated in develop and main branches, a GitHub actions script will build the latest code to Snap Hutao Alpha package. You can find all build records in alpha actions pipeline.

You need to install Snap Hutao CA certificateopen in new window as Trusted Root Certification Authorities to allow Alpha versions be installed.