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Character WIKI

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Character WIKI


Character WIKI is a Snap Hutao build-in WIKI feature used to query each character's information.

Included Data

  • Character list
    • Use the icon above the list, you can change the view between list and grid
    • Click on character's icon or title, and you will be directed to its WIKI page
  • Character information
    • Character information
      • Introduction of the character
      • Numerical attributes value at each level
      • Attributes
  • Talent
    • Introduction
    • Numerical talent value at each level
  • Constellation
  • statistical information on Team, weapon usage, artifact set usage provided by Hutao Database
  • Other information
    • Character tachie
    • Special food
    • Costume
    • Character stories

Add to Dev Plan

  • At character WIKI page, you can select character and click on Dev Plan on the top right to add it to your Dev Plan
    • The new plan will set the base level as 1
    • If you want to make new Dev Plan based on character you already have, you can try My Character feature