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Snap Hutao is an open-source Genshin Impact toolkit under MIT license, designed for modern Windows platform to improve the gaming experience for desktop players. By combining existing official resources with new features designed by the development team, it provides a complete and useful set of tools without the need to rely on mobile devices. Snap Hutao does not take any destructive modification to the game client to ensure the security of the toolkit.

Snap Hutao is using MSIX format package. MSIX is a native Windows application package format that streamlines the installation, update, and removal process of software. One of its standout features is its use of sandbox technology. This means that applications packaged in MSIX run in isolated environments, preventing them from making system-wide changes. This isolation enhances security as it limits the application's access to system resources and user data. Furthermore, when an MSIX-packaged application is uninstalled, it leaves no residual files or registry entries, maintaining the cleanliness and stability of the system. This is a significant improvement over traditional installation methods that often leave behind "digital debris" when applications are removed. The combination of these features makes MSIX a powerful tool for both developers and end-users, providing a seamless, secure, and clean software management experience.

Genshin Impact's Desktop Issues Snap Hutao Solved

FeatureMobileDesktopSnap Hutao Solution
High Framerate LimitiOS/iPadOS supports 120FPS by officialOnly up to 60FPSAdvanced Game Launcher - Framerate unlocker
Game Account SwitchAll signed in account will be keptWill not be recorded after sign outAdvanced Game Launcher - Account switch
Daily CheckinMiHoYo BBS clientWeb check-in only available for oversea serversAccount Panel - check-in
Realtime NotesMiHoYo BBS clientN/ARealtime Notes
Expedition NotificationsPushed by game clientN/ARealtime Notes Notification
Spiral Abyss data lookupMiHoYo BBS clientWeb lookup only available for oversea serversSpiral Abyuss
Develop PlanMiHoYo BBS clientOnly available for oversea serversDevelop Plan
Discord ActivityN/AOnly available for oversea serversAdvanced Game Launcher - Discord Activity

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