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Update Logs

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Update Logs

1.7.5 latest

  • Add
  • Fix
    • Fixed game launcher card on dashboard showing empty account issue #924open in new window
    • Fixed achievement status cannot be saved when be manually unchecked #880open in new window
    • Fixed issue that Realtime Note verification on wrong MiHoYo BBS account
    • Fixed issue that sometime spiral abyss statistics data are missing
  • Optimizations
    • Optimized some error messages, added solution hints #930open in new window
    • Snap Hutao Announcements content on dashboard now is copyable #929open in new window
    • Abyss Stats page is now merged into Abyss Records page
    • Optimized time format in multiple places

1.7.4 latest

  • Add
    • Added option to change PowerShell entry in settings page
    • Added option to create desktop shortcut in settings page #912open in new window
    • Added option to switch display of cards on home dashboard
    • Added batch-add to Dev Plan option on My Character page
  • Fix
    • Fixed an issue which event start time is not accurate on Home Dashboard #887open in new window
    • Fixed an issue on My Character page that caused crashes when clicking on weapon that is not synchronized by Enka API #904open in new window
    • Fixed an issue of weapon value display error on My Character page #907open in new window
    • Fixed an issue where Bilibili server cannot be converted to some other servers #893open in new window
    • Fixed an issue where fetching Novice Wish history will cause the program to crash #917open in new window
    • Fixed an issue where a Dev Plan was not pre-selected before entering the Dev Plan page, which had caused the Dev Plan page to need to be entered at least once to add a Dev Plan archive
    • Fixed the issue that failed to claim checkin reward when triggered anti-bot verification, even when anti-bot API returns success result
  • Optimize
    • Optimized monsters' display order on Monster WIKI page
    • Optimized launch speed of Wish History page
    • Optimized local database thread on UI display functions
    • Optimized the scrolling experience for some views of Dev Plan, it may now take longer for views to be loaded


  • Fixed the issue of HoYoverse web login not working
  • Upgraded the Windows App SDK version to fix the issue where the top of the title bar could not resize the window
  • Adjusted the prompt for UIGF v2.2 file import failures, now allowing for faster issue identification based on IDs
  • Fixed the issue where the user panel would display a successful claim of login rewards even if it failed
  • Fixed the problem where launching the game from the taskbar would open both the game window and the main program window simultaneously


  • Wish Export
    • Fixed an issue where full refresh was not working correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where no-error UIGF files were not being imported correctly
    • Fixed an issue where Hutao Cloud records were not being retrieved correctly
    • Adjusted the UI of the Hutao Cloud window to display the number of wishes corresponding to the UID archive
  • My Characters
    • Adjusted the UI to make it more compact
  • Adjusted the UI of the homepage notifications to align them with the right edge


  • Add a startup guide to help user familiarize Snap Hutao on start launch
    • Guiding users to select a language
    • Guiding users to confirm terms of service
    • Guiding users to install Segoe Fluent Icons font and WebView2 Runtime
    • Guiding users to download static assets
  • Main Interface
    • Adjusted icon styles in the navigation bar
    • Fixed a bug where adjusting window size could lead to unexpected crashes
  • User Panel
    • Adjusted styles of the user panel
    • Added a button to allow the current user to claim sign-in rewards
    • Fixed an issue where in some cases, the current user and character could not be selected correctly on startup
  • Home Dashboard
    • Added Snap Hutao announcement
    • Real-Time Note now display refresh time for each card
    • Fixed an issue where Real-Time Note card fail to load correctly, leading program to freezing or crashing
    • Corrected start/end times for certain event announcements
    • Fixed an issue where some paragraphs were not displaying correctly when viewing details of certain announcements
  • Game Launch (Advanced Launcher)
    • Added game status indicator text to the command bar
    • Fixed an issue where server switch function was not working
    • Adjusted server switch function logic to allow retries after resource download failure
    • Adjusted unlocked frame rate logic; game process will automatically end if unlocking fails
    • Removed multi-client
    • Fixed an issue in resource download page where game client had no names and couldn't be downloaded
  • Wish History
    • Adjusted card style on the overview page, making items larger and collapsing multiple text items
    • Fixed an issue where entering the wish history page without logging in or without Snap Hutao Cloud service caused errors
    • Fixed progress bar and color display issues in the card list view on the overview page
    • Fixed incorrect text for Snap Hutao Cloud's upload reward
    • Fixed the issue that UIGF formatted data file with incorrect item ID can be imported
    • Fixed the issue that failed to locate game cache directory
    • Optimized page load speed when there is a large amount of items
  • Achievement
    • Fixed a display issue that occurs after selecting achievement categories in list/grid view and switching to the other view type
    • Optimized page load speed
  • Real-Time Notes
    • Adjusted the style of the Verify Current User and Role button
    • Adjusted the style of the notification settings view
    • Added an option to disable auto-refresh for real-time notes (toggle available only in non-administrator mode; users who have previously accessed the real-time notes page in administrator mode might not be able to toggle this option)
    • Adjusted the style of real-time notes
    • Adjusted text prompts for locked Serenitea Pot and unowned Parametric Transformations
    • Added previous refresh time for each Real-time note cards
  • My Characters
    • Adjusted width of character list when using list view
    • Added a button to toggle display of refresh time in command bar
    • Added previous refresh time for each refresh function
    • Added display of times artifacts were enhanced in character details
  • Dev Plan
    • Fixed issue failure of saving active archive when switching page from dev plan to others
  • Character WIKI
    • Fixed a display issue that occurs after selecting character in list/grid view and switching to the other view type
  • Weapon WIKI
    • Fixed a display issue that occurs after selecting weapon in list/grid view and switching to the other view type
    • Added ascension material section for each weapon
  • Monster WIKI
    • Fixed a display issue that occurs after selecting monster in list/grid view and switching to the other view type
  • Settings
    • Fixed issue that unable to clear game cache directory
    • Added configuration field for Geetest CAPTCHA verification API, correct configuration on this field can handle anti-bot verification from MiYouShe
  • Improved program frame rate performance
  • Optimized memory usage for multi-thread scheduling
  • Optimized loading speed of item image assets
  • Adjusted database read/write methods to optimize memory usage and responsiveness
  • Adjusted text prompts for return codes -100 and -10001 to help users better understand their meanings
  • Other minor changes


  • New
    • Snap Hutao Cloud tab will show expiration time and developer's license on the wish history page now
    • Wish statistics are now available on the wish history page, with data supported by Snap Hutao Cloud
  • Fix
    • Fix failure of web cache refresh method for wish history export
    • Fix Traditional Chinese metadata loading error



  • New
  • Fix
  • Optimize
    • When running program without administrator privilege, features require administrator privilege will have text hints
    • Support of HoYoLAB
    • Localization updates


  • New
    • Home dashboard, including Hutao Cloud account, game launcher, wish history, achievement stat and real-time notes
    • Enable notification box will now automatically hide in-app notification
    • CN server option without TapTap account
  • Fix
    • Issue that user cannot get Hutao Cloud bonus after uploading Abyss record
    • Issue that cannot sign in to HoYoLab with Facebook
    • HoYoLab check-in issue
    • Issue when facing empty value during wish history fetch progress
  • Optimize
    • Project refactoring, brings a 20% performance improvement
    • Add localization support for WIKI features
    • Add support for all international channels (which affect payment gateway)
      • Supporting HoYoverse official, Google Pay, Epic
    • When Unlock framerate limit is enabled, limit value can be modified during the game, and will take effect immediately

1.6.2 latest

  • New Feature
    • Wish history cloud backup based on Hutao account system
      • Currently, sponsors on AFDIAN and beta users will receive corresponding cloud membership time; All registered users will receive 5 days membership time after uploading Abyss record.
      • This feature will be optimized constantly in the following 1.6 versions
  • Fix
    • Issue that BiliBili server account cannot receive data for Real-time Notes
    • Issue on HoYoLab login
  • Optimize
    • Static assets download logic


  • Add
    • Hutao account system with registration and login available now
    • Support of HoYoLab account login, and add its support to the following features:
      • Web login and Stoken Cookie login
      • Abyss record
      • Daily check-in reward
      • My character
      • Real-time notes
  • Optimization
    • Performance of frame rate unlock
    • Multi-client
    • Now users must unlock advanced features in the settings page before actually using them
    • Settings page layout
    • Tiles image on Windows 10


  • Add
    • Game Launcher
      • Game resource package download
      • Allow multiple Genshin Impact process to run
      • Allow users to select the specified monitor to start the game
    • New icons have been used
  • Fix
    • Issue caused unlimited file writing during server switch
  • Optimization
    • Optimize default language selection
    • Allow device ID be copied with button
    • Setting page UI optimization


  • Optimization
    • Replace JumpList menus with JumpTask,
    • Add option to allow user set language over system default setting
    • Add translation contribution entry
    • Add options to reset the image resource
  • Add
    • Monster WIKI
    • Korean translation
    • Internationalized Metadata


  • New
    • Static image reset method
    • Cookie refresh
  • Fix
  • Optimization
    • Optimize Dev Plan UI #486open in new window
    • Optimize English and Traditional Chinese translations
    • Add hints when Windows long path limits are triggered
    • Optimize wake-up for scheduled tasks


  • Fix issue that new dev plan cannot be added
  • Support English UI
  • Other minor bug fix


  • First version on Microsoft Store
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