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Snap Hutao Account

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Snap Hutao Account

Hutao Passport is the internal name of Snap Hutao Account, they are the same thing

Snap Hutao account is an account system created by the DGP-Studio team to serve Snap Hutao, which will be used to provide cloud-based services in the future, including wish records synchronization.

If you have Hutao Cloud privileges, you will have the following permissions:

  1. The Prediction function in the Wish Record page
  2. Cloud synchronization function of wish records
  • After your Snap Hutao account cloud synchronization permission expires, you will not be able to upload, download, and delete data, but your data will not be deleted. You can re-operate your cloud backup data after restoring privilege.

Since cloud synchronization is a function that consumes Hutao server resources, this function has a time limit. Currently, Snap Hutao provides the following methods to enable the cloud synchronization function:

  1. For users who reward Hutao on Aifadian, we will automatically add usage time to the Hutao account that matches the Aifadian email account as a thank you from the Hutao Toolbox development team to the reward users.
  2. For all registered users, after successfully uploading the Spiral Abyss challenge record to the Hutao database for the first time in each schedule, they will get 3 days of privilege time.
    • You can use Hutao Cloud for free for a long time through this method.
  3. Users who contribute to the Snap Hutao open source community (including but not limited to code development, program UI design, localization translation) can directly contact the development team to obtain a developer license.
    • We are currently designing a complete and automated developer license issuance process, which will be launched with the improvement of the Hutao account system.