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Snap Hutao

Snap Hutao

Multifunctional Open-source Genshin Toolkit 🧰

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Secure Program Designing

Secure Program Designing

  • You Control Your Data

    Your data is stored in your local device, does not rely on any cloud service or third-party platform, you have freedom control your data

  • We Protect Your Data

    Your data can be backed up to Snap Hutao Cloud, you never lose data when you are on a new device

  • Community Guards your Program

    Snap Hutao is open-sourced on GitHub with MIT license, we welcome community members to review and contribute to our code. The software is listed in Microsoft Store, which passes Microsoft's security review

All-in-one Toolbox

All-in-one Toolbox

Quick start tools your need and explore more possibility

Better than Snap.Genshin

Snap.Hutao has more extensive data support and better client performance while inheriting all Snap Genshin functionality

Real-time Notes

Don't be trapped by Mobile Application. Receive your Genshin real-time notes notification on your desktop with native Windows notification

Spiral Abyss Record

Get the personal Spiral Abyss records, including statistics and detailed data, permanently save past Spiral Abyss challenges on your device

Multi-Account Switch

Snap.Hutao supports multiple MiHoYo BBS accounts to stay logged in and create separate profiles for each account in each function, so players can easily manage their multiple accounts

Wish History Record

Capture your wish history from your game log, export them to your local device, with the support of unlimited account data archives


Achievement statistics feature allows players to export achievement data and keep statistics outside the game; based on achievement splitting, players can manage milestones for hidden achievements

Advanced Game Launcher

With the advanced launcher in Snap.Hutao, players can easily switch their Genshin accounts, switch servers, modify game window settings and further explore more advanced features

Hutao Database

Check out the details of community's current Spiral Abyss teaming, weapon matching, and artifact set matching; share your own Spiral Abyss lineup configuration

My Characters

View detailed data about the player's character, including level, constellations, weapons, talents, artifact set, etc.; automatically calculate artifact set score

Character Wiki

Check the character's numerical information; talent and constellations; training materials; character's background story and other information; get the most weapons and artifact set matching scheme among players through the Hutao database

Weapon Wiki

Check weapon values and stories; get the most character matching data among players through the Hutao database

Development Calculator

Make implementable character development plans based on your actual situation; support multiple accounts, multiple plan lists, and backpack item records


Snap Hutao is a free software maintained by open-source community, and we hope more players with same ambitions can join together to provide more features to the community.

You can make contribution by the following ways:

  1. Make Pull Requests to our codeopen in new window
  2. Translate the project for a better localization
  3. Update documentopen in new window

If you believe Snap Hutao is a good project and helps you, you can support us by the following ways

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Snap Hutao is currently using sponsored software from the following service providers.

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