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Other FAQ

How to Create Desktop Shortcut (with No Admin Privilege)

Community Power

Thanks to CzHUVopen in new window for the solution.

  • Use Win+R to start run, in the window input shell:AppsFolder Run
  • In the new pop-up window, find Snap Hutao
  • Right lick on it, and click Create shortcut
  • Confirm the operation and you will get the desktop shortcut

How to Create Desktop Shortcut (With Admin Privilege)

Click Create Desktop Shortcut in the settings page.

How to run Snap Hutao when Windows starts

This is a workaround solution

  • Create a bat file, content refers to this Issueopen in new window, it allows bat to run Snap Hutao with Administrator privilege
  • Create a Scheduled Task, run the bat when Windows startup, or drag it to Windows start folder

Unable to Run Snap Hutao as Administrator

This issue only occurs in Windows 10 older than 22H2 version

  • When user's OS version older than Windows Build 19045 (aka Windows 10 22H2), Snap Hutao is unable to start when running as Administrator
    • This issue comes from Windows kernel, and it's hard to locate, so we suggest you to update your OS to the latest version

Use Snap Hutao with Network Proxy

Snap Hutao has a well-designed cloud network structure, you should be able to get good network service wherever you are located

Loopback network are disabled for all Windows Appx container application (including Snap Hutao), so some modern network proxy software will cause container applications to lose Internet access, and lead to application errors.

If you need network proxy to use Snap Hutao, you have two ways to fix it:

  1. Enable TUN Mode in your network proxy software
  2. Unlock Loopback restrictions in Feedback Center