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Achievement Management

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Achievement Management

Achievement Screenshot

Snap Hutao offers local achievement management feature, users can view and manage status of achievement

At first time use, you will follow the instruction to create an archive and name it. After that, you are still able to make new archives by click on Create New Archive for other game accounts

Achievement Import UIAF

  • Snap Hutao is using Uniformed Interchangeable Achievement Format Standaropen in new window to store user's achievement data
    • This standard allows user to transmit achievement data between Snap Hutao wiht other achievement tools, such as Achievement exporter
  • You can click on Import at top right menu on Achievement Management page, and select file import to load UIAF formatted data

Achievement Export UIAF

You can click on the Export button in the hidden menu in the top right corner of the achievement page. In the pop-up window, select the directory and set the file name, then your data will be exported.

Delete Archive

You can delete the current achievement archive by finding and clicking on Delete Current Archive in the hidden menu in the top right corner.

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