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Журнал обновлений

Не вижу смысла переводить все, поэтому переведу последние 2

1.9.6 latest

  • New ➕
    • Added customized background image feature, users now can open background image folder and add images they like #357open in new window
    • Added responsive settings page, layout will be update while window size and shape changes, @Scighostopen in new window realized this feature #1337open in new window
    • Added container loopback status and unlocker feature in Feedback Center
    • Added displaying current network proxy status feature in Feedback Center
  • Fix 🔨
    • Fixed 653366069 error when submit Spiral Abyss data #1351open in new window
    • Fixed 653366069 error when sync character from MiHoYo BBS Battle Chronicle and Development Plan sources
    • Adapt new Asia server UID rule
    • Fixed the issue that font size in game announcements are too small #1347open in new window
    • Fixed MiYouShe QR code login issue, now ZZZ login page is used to handle QR code login method #1345open in new window
    • Replace unreadable text in character voice/story with normal text in Character WIKI #1316open in new window
    • Fixed the display issue in Home Dashboard when Parametric Transformer is not achieved #1331open in new window
    • Fixed the issue that in some cases, swap Home Dashboard to bottom side would cause the client to crash #1365open in new window
  • Optimization ✨
    • User's MiHoYo BBS accounts in Account Panel can be dragged and reordered now, to allow users to have a better operation experience #1334open in new window
    • Game account records in Game Launcher can be dragged and reordered now, to allow users to have a better operation experience
    • Optimized title text in Wish Export (Statistics is renamed to Global Wish Stats) #1344open in new window
    • Optimized text under Resource Download page in Game Launcher (Client is renamed to Full Package) #1279open in new window
    • Optimized image download error hint in wizard #1333open in new window
    • Update Spiral Abyss wave information text of Genshin Impact version 4.4
    • Added permission error hint in Realtime Notes notification settings
    • Limited download thread for client update package
    • Added two new resolutions in Game Resolution Quick Settings
    • Allow developers using NamedPipe to activate the application Developers Feature
    • Make Windows App SDK embedded
    • Optimized Win32/COM API calls
    • Redesigned client UI to fit background images
  • Localization 🌏


  • New ➕
  • Fix 🔨
    • Fixed the issue that when the game in under Program Files path, server conversion failed error would be raised #1262open in new window
    • Fixed the issue that static packages download cannot be completed in the setup wizard #1242open in new window
  • Optimization ✨
    • Added support of changing proxy settings during Snap Hutao is running
    • Added game status in Game Launcher Card in the dashboard
    • Added data folder size auto refresh after server conversion cache is deleted
    • Optimized the logic to identify whether server conversion is needed when game launch process is requested
    • Optimized the English translation

1.9.4 hotfix

  • Fix 🔨
    • Fixed the crash issue for Bilibili server users when entering the main window


  • Fix 🔨
    • Fixed the crash issue for new users when entering the main window


  • New ➕
    • Added Windows native HDR option in Game Launcher
    • Added support of HoYoverse accounts in Game Launcher account switch feature
    • Added option of deleting server conversion cache file in Settings page
    • Added restart as admin option in Settings page
    • Added the function of sharing pictures to the clipboard in WebView
  • Fix 🔨
    • Fixed the issue that some MiHoYo BBS pages operations cannot be done in Webview
    • Added conspicuous mark of Admin Mode on windows title to indicate whether if Snap Hutao is running as administrator
    • Fixed game path error after server conversion
    • Fixed the document link on Spiral Abyss page
  • Optimization ✨
    • Added account identification field in Real-time Note data forwarding webhook
    • All options in Danger Zone on Settings page now have double confirmations
    • Change to way of game account switch from PowerShell of directly modify regedit to avoid error when Windows Long Path is not enabled
    • Optimized UI of auto-click feature shortcut settings card
    • Added checks for special paths such as Program Files during server conversion
    • Optimized the scrolling performance of WebView on some pages
    • Optimized the performance of Discord Activity

1.9.1 hotfix

  • Fix 🔨
    • Fixed crash on Game Launcher page when user text zoom is not set as 100%
    • Fixed crash caused by Realtime Notes during the program startup
    • Fixed the issue where Realtime Notes may be loaded simultaneously with user account information, result in reentrancy
  • Optimizations ✨
    • Enhanced prompt to add or select game path in Game Launcher


Breaking Changes

Snap Hutao recently obtained sponsorship from the SignPath Foundation for code signing certificates. Starting from version 1.9.0, we will use a brand-new certificate to sign Snap Hutao installation packages.

Programs with the new signature will be incompatible with old versions. Users updating from versions 1.8.4 and older to 1.9.0 and newer versions need to uninstall the old version first and then perform a fresh installation of the new version of the client. Due to the design of Snap Hutao's data directory, users will not lose any important data.

You can read the article Explanation of Breaking Changes in Version 1.9.0 for a deeper understanding of how the signature changes in this version update affect the Snap Hutao project.

  • New Features ➕

    • The game launcher now supports multiple game paths #525open in new window
    • Added QR code login method for miHoYo in the user panel #870open in new window
    • The client now automatically detects network status and displays the results in the settings page #1116open in new window
    • Added an option in the game launcher to start Genshin Impact in touch mode #1173open in new window
    • Add option to change in-game announcement source in the settings page, now you may select oversea severs as the source and display announcements with same lanague of your Snap Hutao #1112open in new window
      • Only available when there is valid regular expression in Crowdin translation (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English are supported now)
    • Added an option in the settings to enable the console. Users can now get more error prompts when troubleshooting by enabling this option.
    • Introduced a completely new logic for software updates.
  • Bug Fixes 🔨

    • Fixed an issue with miHoYo API returning a 5003 error when fetching character information #1060open in new window
    • Fixed the issue that Game Launcher cannot unlock framerate limit in Genshin Impact 4.3 version #1190open in new window
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect countdown data for miHoYo announcements in specific situations.
    • Fixed incorrect PowerShell statements.
  • Optimizations ✨

    • Improved error prompt statements in development calculations, making error messages more explicit #1163open in new window
    • Optimized the interface of development calculations, now showing specific goals for each item #1016open in new window
    • Optimized the display of Hutao account information on the main interface, no longer displaying user email addresses #1160open in new window
    • Updated error prompts for Hutao API.
    • Optimized the settings page interface; users can now view the size of data and cache directories generated by Snap Hutao in the settings.
    • Removed Microsoft Store buttons
  • Localization 🌏

1.8.5 Beta Test

  • Tested changes caused by certificate change


  • Исправления
    • Исправлена проблема, при которой ежедневная проверка показывает окончание активности
    • Исправлена проблема с выбором pwsh.exe в качестве хоста PowerShell #1145open in new window #1153open in new window
    • Исправлена ошибка отображения языка при вызове Snap Hutao сторонним программным обеспечением #1147open in new window
    • Исправлена ошибка отсутствия PowerShell в ярлыке на рабочем столе #1151open in new window #1154open in new window
  • Оптимизации
    • Обновлены тексты подсказок Snap Hutao Cloud
    • Оптимизирована производительность отслеживания активности Discord в начале и конце игры
    • Оптимизирована производительность изменения размера на страницах Character WIKI/Weapon WIKI/My Character
    • Включена многозадачность для многозадачной загрузки многокомпонентного контента
    • Оптимизирована логика многозадачной загрузки на сервере, Snap Hutao теперь не будет проверять разрешение записи в папку перед выполнением задачи

1.8.3 hotfix

  • Исправления
    • Исправлена проблема с сбоем, когда клиент Discord не запущен #1134open in new window
    • Исправлена ошибка с неверным временем записи желаний #1138open in new window
  • Оптимизации
    • Включено .NET окружение в комплект поставк


  • Добавлено
    • Добавлена функция синхронизации активности Discord в Game Launcher, синхронизирует статус игры при игре в Genshin Impact #1082open in new window
  • Исправления
    • Исправлена проблема, при которой переход с страницы Wish Export в панель Hutao Cloud на страницу Spiral Abyss не синхронизировал параметры панели навигации #1116open in new window
    • Исправлена проблема, из-за которой функция Auto Click не могла быть привязана к клавише Alt #1119open in new window
    • Исправлена проблема обновления элементов после переключения планов в Dev Plan #1099open in new window
    • Исправлена проблема, что в разделе Achievement можно было импортировать только файлы json с пустыми именами #1124open in new window
    • Исправлена ошибка со ссылкой на полный пакет для загрузки на странице Resource Download в Game Launcher, заменена на ссылку на разделенные файлы #1126open in new window
    • Исправлены проблемы с уведомлениями из Realtime Note, включая неверный контент, повторяющиеся уведомления и неожиданное обходное использование клиентского режима #1123open in new window
  • Оптимизации
    • Добавлены правила перерыва для Fingerprint/CookieToken, теперь пользователям не нужно так часто нажимать Refresh Cookie в User Panel #1121open in new window
    • Переработан интерфейс страницы Character WIKI
    • Добавлен текст подсказки, когда отсутствует вход в аккаунт MiHoYo BBS #1127open in new window


  • Upgraded .NET version to 8 #1103open in new window
  • Fixes
    • Fixed translation issues with Hutao Passport registration/logoff/reset password prompts #1087open in new window by @Tangweirui2021
    • Fixed an issue with the first-row items on the Dev Plan page not refreshing correctly after switching plans #1099open in new window
    • Fixed an issue on the Game Launcher page where borderless and exclusive fullscreen could not be set simultaneously #1106open in new window
    • Replaced the file pickers implementation, resolving the problem of being unable to use the file pickers under administrator privilege #1096open in new window
    • Fixed an issue where initializing user information at startup could lead to program freezing
    • Fixed unnecessary exceptions occurring on certain pages after being switched from
    • Fixed issues with some exceptions not being captured properly
  • Optimization
    • Added more detailed failure information for metadata initialization


  • Fix
    • Fixed the issue that the first item in Dev Plan won't be refresh after switching the plan #1079open in new window
    • Fixed the issue that wish record URL for global server cannot be found #1081open in new window
    • Fixed the issue that error log cannot be captured correctly in some specific situations
    • Fixed wrong wish record time issue
    • Fixed the data exception in MiHoYo BBS web pop-ups
    • Fixed the issue of wrong corner radius settings of mask of history/character/weapon page in Wish History
    • Fixed the wrong announcement time in time zone other than UTC+8
  • Optimization
    • Optimized the UI of MiHoYo BBS web pop-ups, supports backward and refresh feature, supports showing the web title
    • Auto click feature now can be switched off and hot key can be changed #961open in new window
    • Added support of UIGF v2.4 format import and export



  • Add
    • Added option to recover full wish history record backup from Snap Hutao Cloud service into new archive #886open in new window
  • Fix
    • Fixed issue that invalid game launching parameter can be parsed; added switch for some launch parameters #1061open in new window
    • Fixed issue that user cannot register Snap Hutao account in the client #1059open in new window
    • Fixed notification issue after Realtime Note Webhook Url is set
  • Optimization
    • Optimized Snap Hutao account's change password and delete account logic in the client

1.7.14 hotfix


  • Add
  • Fix
  • Optimization
    • Added localization support on prompts that returned by Snap Hutao Cloud server
    • Redesigned Snap Hutao Passport UI, and now it is embedded in settings page #911open in new window
    • Redesigned advanced game launcher page UI
    • User now can view and select launcher parameters in advanced game launcher

1.7.11 hotfix

  • Fixed the game launching arguments error (hotfix)


  • Fix
    • Fixed login issue with HoYoverse account #1011open in new window #1012open in new window
    • Fixed daily check-in issue on HoYoLAB account #1013open in new window
    • Fixed issue that Invalid item error show up when language does not match in UIGFv2.2 data file #1001open in new window
    • Fixed crash issue when an invalid CAPTCHA Url is input in the setting
    • Fixed crash issue when an invalid channel setting is given when launching the game
    • Fixed crash when switching account while WebView2 Runtime version is too low to have necessary feature
    • Fixed crash issue when an invalid record is displayed in Spiral Abyss page
    • Fixed a memory overflow issue in embedded pages
  • Optimization
    • Current game account now can be automatically identified when reaching the game launcher page


  • Fix
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the program from launching with the correct window size after the monitor resolution was changed after exiting the program
    • Fixed login issue of MiHoYo BBS #1005open in new window
    • Fixed HoYoverse login issue #1007open in new window
    • Fixed crash log upload issue in version 1.7.7
    • Fixed UI display issue on Team Lineup page in Spiral Abyss feature #1008open in new window


  • Added card shadow in the following elements to optimize visual effect
    • Dashboard and in-game announcements
    • Download resource card in advanced game launcher page
    • Overview card in wish export page
    • Statistics card in wish export page
    • Real-time note card
    • List view in my character page
    • Image card in character WIKI
    • Image card in weapon WIKI
  • Fix
    • Fixed top margin error under grid view
    • Fixed grid view crash issues from multiple causes
    • Fixed server conversion issue from CN server to Bilibili server
  • Optimize
    • Optimize button position for manual account validation
      • You can now find it directly from account panel
    • Added retry logic for fetching abyss record and record upload
      • User who does not set up CAPTURE verification API can retry after manually validating account from account panel

## 1.7.6

  • Add
    • Added mouse auto click feature triggered by F8, under Administrator privilege mode
      • In the upcoming Genshin Impact 4.1 and 4.2 version, this feature may help you skip some task conversation you dislike
  • Fix
    • Fixed crash issue when switching account after validating cookie on Realtime Notes page #947open in new window
    • Fixed failure of matching current in-game account after rebooting Snap Hutao and game client #865open in new window
    • Fixed display issue on Achievement page #956open in new window
    • Fixed an issue that Genshin Impact 4.1 version metadata will cause program to crash on Spiral Abyss page
  • Optimize
    • Optimized some user interface details on some pages
    • Optimized announcement text color in some particular situation
    • Optimized download logic of downloading static images

1.7.5 latest

  • Add
  • Fix
    • Fixed game launcher card on dashboard showing empty account issue #924open in new window
    • Fixed achievement status cannot be saved when be manually unchecked #880open in new window
    • Fixed issue that Realtime Note verification on wrong MiHoYo BBS account
    • Fixed issue that sometime spiral abyss statistics data are missing
  • Optimizations
    • Optimized some error messages, added solution hints #930open in new window
    • Snap Hutao Announcements content on dashboard now is copyable #929open in new window
    • Abyss Stats page is now merged into Abyss Records page
    • Optimized time format in multiple places

1.7.4 latest

  • Add
    • Added option to change PowerShell entry in settings page
    • Added option to create desktop shortcut in settings page #912open in new window
    • Added option to switch display of cards on home dashboard
    • Added batch-add to Dev Plan option on My Character page
  • Fix
    • Fixed an issue which event start time is not accurate on Home Dashboard #887open in new window
    • Fixed an issue on My Character page that caused crashes when clicking on weapon that is not synchronized by Enka API #904open in new window
    • Fixed an issue of weapon value display error on My Character page #907open in new window
    • Fixed an issue where Bilibili server cannot be converted to some other servers #893open in new window
    • Fixed an issue where fetching Novice Wish history will cause the program to crash #917open in new window
    • Fixed an issue where a Dev Plan was not pre-selected before entering the Dev Plan page, which had caused the Dev Plan page to need to be entered at least once to add a Dev Plan archive
    • Fixed the issue that failed to claim checkin reward when triggered anti-bot verification, even when anti-bot API returns success result
  • Optimize
    • Optimized monsters' display order on Monster WIKI page
    • Optimized launch speed of Wish History page
    • Optimized local database thread on UI display functions
    • Optimized the scrolling experience for some views of Dev Plan, it may now take longer for views to be loaded


  • Fixed the issue of HoYoverse web login not working
  • Upgraded the Windows App SDK version to fix the issue where the top of the title bar could not resize the window
  • Adjusted the prompt for UIGF v2.2 file import failures, now allowing for faster issue identification based on IDs
  • Fixed the issue where the user panel would display a successful claim of login rewards even if it failed
  • Fixed the problem where launching the game from the taskbar would open both the game window and the main program window simultaneously


  • Wish Export
    • Fixed an issue where full refresh was not working correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where no-error UIGF files were not being imported correctly
    • Fixed an issue where Hutao Cloud records were not being retrieved correctly
    • Adjusted the UI of the Hutao Cloud window to display the number of wishes corresponding to the UID archive
  • My Characters
    • Adjusted the UI to make it more compact
  • Adjusted the UI of the homepage notifications to align them with the right edge


  • Add a startup guide to help user familiarize Snap Hutao on start launch
    • Guiding users to select a language
    • Guiding users to confirm terms of service
    • Guiding users to install Segoe Fluent Icons font and WebView2 Runtime
    • Guiding users to download static assets
  • Main Interface
    • Adjusted icon styles in the navigation bar
    • Fixed a bug where adjusting window size could lead to unexpected crashes
  • User Panel
    • Adjusted styles of the user panel
    • Added a button to allow the current user to claim sign-in rewards
    • Fixed an issue where in some cases, the current user and character could not be selected correctly on startup
  • Home Dashboard
    • Added Snap Hutao announcement
    • Real-Time Note now display refresh time for each card
    • Fixed an issue where Real-Time Note card fail to load correctly, leading program to freezing or crashing
    • Corrected start/end times for certain event announcements
    • Fixed an issue where some paragraphs were not displaying correctly when viewing details of certain announcements
  • Game Launch (Advanced Launcher)
    • Added game status indicator text to the command bar
    • Fixed an issue where server switch function was not working
    • Adjusted server switch function logic to allow retries after resource download failure
    • Adjusted unlocked frame rate logic; game process will automatically end if unlocking fails
    • Removed multi-client
    • Fixed an issue in resource download page where game client had no names and couldn't be downloaded
  • Wish History
    • Adjusted card style on the overview page, making items larger and collapsing multiple text items
    • Fixed an issue where entering the wish history page without logging in or without Snap Hutao Cloud service caused errors
    • Fixed progress bar and color display issues in the card list view on the overview page
    • Fixed incorrect text for Snap Hutao Cloud's upload reward
    • Fixed the issue that UIGF formatted data file with incorrect item ID can be imported
    • Fixed the issue that failed to locate game cache directory
    • Optimized page load speed when there is a large amount of items
  • Achievement
    • Fixed a display issue that occurs after selecting achievement categories in list/grid view and switching to the other view type
    • Optimized page load speed
  • Real-Time Notes
    • Adjusted the style of the Verify Current User and Role button
    • Adjusted the style of the notification settings view
    • Added an option to disable auto-refresh for real-time notes (toggle available only in non-administrator mode; users who have previously accessed the real-time notes page in administrator mode might not be able to toggle this option)
    • Adjusted the style of real-time notes
    • Adjusted text prompts for locked Serenitea Pot and unowned Parametric Transformations
    • Added previous refresh time for each Real-time note cards
  • My Characters
    • Adjusted width of character list when using list view
    • Added a button to toggle display of refresh time in command bar
    • Added previous refresh time for each refresh function
    • Added display of times artifacts were enhanced in character details
  • Dev Plan
    • Fixed issue failure of saving active archive when switching page from dev plan to others
  • Character WIKI
    • Fixed a display issue that occurs after selecting character in list/grid view and switching to the other view type
  • Weapon WIKI
    • Fixed a display issue that occurs after selecting weapon in list/grid view and switching to the other view type
    • Added ascension material section for each weapon
  • Monster WIKI
    • Fixed a display issue that occurs after selecting monster in list/grid view and switching to the other view type
  • Settings
    • Fixed issue that unable to clear game cache directory
    • Added configuration field for Geetest CAPTCHA verification API, correct configuration on this field can handle anti-bot verification from MiYouShe
  • Improved program frame rate performance
  • Optimized memory usage for multi-thread scheduling
  • Optimized loading speed of item image assets
  • Adjusted database read/write methods to optimize memory usage and responsiveness
  • Adjusted text prompts for return codes -100 and -10001 to help users better understand their meanings
  • Other minor changes


  • New
    • Snap Hutao Cloud tab will show expiration time and developer's license on the wish history page now
    • Wish statistics are now available on the wish history page, with data supported by Snap Hutao Cloud
  • Fix
    • Fix failure of web cache refresh method for wish history export
    • Fix Traditional Chinese metadata loading error



  • New
  • Fix
  • Optimize
    • When running program without administrator privilege, features require administrator privilege will have text hints
    • Support of HoYoLAB
    • Localization updates


  • New
    • Home dashboard, including Hutao Cloud account, game launcher, wish history, achievement stat and real-time notes
    • Enable notification box will now automatically hide in-app notification
    • CN server option without TapTap account
  • Fix
    • Issue that user cannot get Hutao Cloud bonus after uploading Abyss record
    • Issue that cannot sign in to HoYoLab with Facebook
    • HoYoLab check-in issue
    • Issue when facing empty value during wish history fetch progress
  • Optimize
    • Project refactoring, brings a 20% performance improvement
    • Add localization support for WIKI features
    • Add support for all international channels (which affect payment gateway)
      • Supporting HoYoverse official, Google Pay, Epic
    • When Unlock framerate limit is enabled, limit value can be modified during the game, and will take effect immediately

1.6.2 latest

  • New Feature
    • Wish history cloud backup based on Hutao account system
      • Currently, sponsors on AFDIAN and beta users will receive corresponding cloud membership time; All registered users will receive 5 days membership time after uploading Abyss record.
      • This feature will be optimized constantly in the following 1.6 versions
  • Fix
    • Issue that BiliBili server account cannot receive data for Real-time Notes
    • Issue on HoYoLab login
  • Optimize
    • Static assets download logic


  • Add
    • Hutao account system with registration and login available now
    • Support of HoYoLab account login, and add its support to the following features:
      • Web login and Stoken Cookie login
      • Abyss record
      • Daily check-in reward
      • My character
      • Real-time notes
  • Optimization
    • Performance of frame rate unlock
    • Multi-client
    • Now users must unlock advanced features in the settings page before actually using them
    • Settings page layout
    • Tiles image on Windows 10


  • Add
    • Game Launcher
      • Game resource package download
      • Allow multiple Genshin Impact process to run
      • Allow users to select the specified monitor to start the game
    • New icons have been used
  • Fix
    • Issue caused unlimited file writing during server switch
  • Optimization
    • Optimize default language selection
    • Allow device ID be copied with button
    • Setting page UI optimization


  • Optimization
    • Replace JumpList menus with JumpTask,
    • Add option to allow user set language over system default setting
    • Add translation contribution entry
    • Add options to reset the image resource
  • Add
    • Monster WIKI
    • Korean translation
    • Internationalized Metadata


  • New
    • Static image reset method
    • Cookie refresh
  • Fix
  • Optimization
    • Optimize Dev Plan UI #486open in new window
    • Optimize English and Traditional Chinese translations
    • Add hints when Windows long path limits are triggered
    • Optimize wake-up for scheduled tasks


  • Fix issue that new dev plan cannot be added
  • Support English UI
  • Other minor bug fix


  • First version on Microsoft Store