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If the following answers can not solve your issue, feel free to report bug to us!

How to create desktop shortcut (with no admin privilege)

  • Use Win+R to start run, in the window input shell:AppsFolder Run
  • In the new pop-up window, find Snap Hutao
  • Right lick on it, and click Create shortcut
  • Confirm the operation and you will get the desktop shortcut

How to create desktop shortcut with Administrator privilege

Starting from Snap Hutao 1.7.4, you can create a desktop shortcut with Administrator privilege by click Create Desktop Shortcut in the settings page.

You can move this shortcut to any place you need.

How to run Snap Hutao when Windows starts

This is a workaround solution

  • Create a bat file, content refers to this Issueopen in new window, it allows bat to run Snap Hutao with Administrator privilege
  • Create a Scheduled Task, run the bat when Windows startup, or drag it to Windows start folder

Use Snap Hutao to quick start the game

  • Config the game launcher in the settings

  • Pin Snap Hutao on taskbar

  • Right click on Snap Hutao and you will see the quick launcher


  • Select Lauch Game, you will be asked which account to start the game

Use Snap Hutao with Network Proxy

Refer to HttpRequestException Error (502) document

Mojibake in Snap Hutao

  • If you are using Windows 10 and see some button are not display properly
    • You can download Segoe Fluent Icons font
    • You need to install it for all users
  • You can find this font from Microsoftopen in new window

MiHoYo BBS Account often Lose Login Status

Snap Hutao use saved MiHoYo BBS cookies to maintain login status. If you log out your account in your browser or other device, cookie will become invalid, and Snap Hutao will also be forced to log out, account will be automatically removed.

This problem may also be caused by network error, you should check this first; If it's not caused by network issue, you can use Refresh Cookie in the account panel; You can also remove your account manually and add it back again.

Since October 2022, MiYouShe (Chinese BBS) rapidly increased bot detection and may set users' account as under-risk status, this may cause Snap Hutao failed to check validation of the cookie

Game Account Lose Login Status in the Launcher

  • There are two factors associated with game account login status: network and device ID
  • This issue usually caused by:
    • Change of public IP address
    • Change of network adapter or network adapter MAC address
    • Failed saving operation, no real login status been saved (Snap Hutao cannot detect if the status is real valid)
      • Make sure to enter the game after sign in
      • Make sure the game process is gone after closing the game
      • Detect the account again to save your login status

Snap Hutao Throws Failed to add Scheduled Task Error

If you are using Administrator privilege to start real-time notes feature, Snap Hutao's scheduled task will be created as Administrator role. When next time edit real-time notes settings without Administrator privilege, the program will have a lack of privilege to edit the settings and throw out this error.

Run Snap Hutao as Administrator to edit your settings to solve this issue.

Stuck at Installing Required Framework when Using MSIX Package to Install

  • When user's OS missing required dependency framework, Windows will download and install it automatically. However, if the user disabled Windows Update or have a bad network, the system is unable to process this installation.
    • Make sure Windows Update is enabled; Snap Hutao's update also relies on it
    • You can also download and install the dependency manually

Unable to Run Snap Hutao as Administrator

This issue only occurs in Windows 10 older than 22H2 version

  • When user's OS version older than Windows Build 19045 (aka Windows 10 22H2), Snap Hutao is unable to start when running as Administrator
    • This issue comes from Windows kernel, and it's hard to locate, so we suggest you to update your OS to the latest version

How to Recover config.ini Configuration File

In some particular conditions (such as wrong game folder permission), config.ini may lose after server conversion. This will cause user not able to get into advanced launcher page and launch the game.

After identify the server version on your device, you can manually create and fill the configuration file with the right content. The following are common configurations.

CN Server Official

How to Fully Backup/Recover Client Data

Data Security Warning

Userdata.db contains all client data, including MiHoYO BBS Cookie, please save the data file properly and do NOT share it with anyone.

Copy Userdata.db from Snap Hutao data folder (%userprofile%/Documents/Hutao by default) to your backup location, this file contains entire data of the client.