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Initial Setup Guide

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Initial Setup Guide

When launching the Snap Hutao for the first time, the client will automatically enter an initialization setup guide to assist users in configuring the client correctly.

Currently, Snap Hutao will guide users through the process of setting the language, confirming user agreements, checking necessary environmental configurations, and downloading static resources.

Language Setting

In the language settings section, you can choose from the interface languages currently supported by Snap Hutao. If you change the language, the Snap Hutao will automatically restart.

Snap Hutao uses Simplified Chinese as the base language and actively maintains English text. Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese texts are translated by community contributors. If you're interested in contributing translations, you can lend your support at https://translate.hut.aoopen in new window.

User Agreement Confirmation

In the user agreement documents confirmation section, you will need to confirm several documents provided by Snap Hutao. These documents can help you understand the nature of the Snap Hutao project and will be beneficial for your future usage.

Environment Checking

In the environment checking section, Snap Hutao will utilize two small tests to assist users in determining whether the system environment, which will enhance user experience, has been installed: the Segoe Fluent Icons font and the WebView2 Runtime.

You can assess whether these two environment packages are installed based on the prompts. If they are not installed, you can click the corresponding link buttons to download and install the required content.

The image above is the expected outcome in this step.

Assets Download

In this step, Snap Hutao will automatically download the required static image resources. Once the download is complete, Snap Hutao will close the initialization setup interface and automatically load the main program.